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Presentation: Penetrating Neck Injuries 

Penetrating Neck Injuries by Dr. Jeff Cain - EMS Today 2017

Penetrating Neck Injuries Presentation

Bridging the Gap: A Novel Method for Hemorrhage Control (Open Access article)

John Chovanes DJS, Jessica L Mckee, Ju-Lin Wang. Bridging the Gap: A Novel Method for Hemorrhage Control. Journal of Health Education Research & Development. 2017;5(1).

Case Report Summary:
A 44-year-old female was sustained 25 stab wounds to the chest and neck. During her assessment, physicians discovered two close proximity stab wounds at the base of the neck about one centimeter above the clavicle, with uncontrolled hemorrhage. The wound was packed with Combat Gauze but the gauze became saturated with blood. The blood soaked Combat Gauze was removed and a single iTClamp was placed over both stab wounds. Physicians noted that there was still some leaking around the iTClamp. The iTClamp was then removed, the wound was re-packed with Combat Gauze and the iTClamp was then used to seal the wound. Physicians remarked that the combination of wound packing and iTClamp allowed them to decrease the wound cavity and close the skin which resulted in good hemostasis. The patient stabilized and the surgeon took the patient to CT scan for further assessment prior to going to the OR. The ability to perform the CT scan prior to the OR allowed the surgeon to assess other potential bleeding sites and to ascertain where to begin surgical exploration of the 25 stab wounds. There was virtually no scatter (except a very small amount from the suture needles) and even less scatter than would have been seen from staples.